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Feng Shui practitioner Seann Xenja, based in Mill Valley, California, gives slide presentations, lectures, and provides site analyses worldwide. A construction and design professional, he has an MA in Education, a BA in Psychology, and is a disciple of Feng Shui Master Lin Yun.

The founding editor of Feng Shui Journal, Seann Xenja serves as a bridge between East and West, and is able to bring Feng Shui to clients and workshop participants ranging from homemakers to business owners, from health care professionals to real estate developers. His Feng Shui consulting and teaching work, as featured on CNN, has been written about in New Age Journal, The San Francisco Examiner, The San Francisco Chronicle, AXXIS, Credencial, and many other publications in North and South America.

He is the author of two best selling videos, Feng Shui: The Ancient Chinese Art of Placement, and Advanced Feng Shui Techniques for Your Home or Office. His lectures, presentations, classes, workshops, and advanced courses, including Feng Shui for Practitioners, a five-day intensive program combining classroom instruction with in depth field experience, are available in both English and Spanish.

Seann Xenja may be reached at 707/249-2873, writing to him at 252 Perry Street, Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA, or by e-mail:

Academic Resume (CV)

Education and Licenses

1968 - 1971~ Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois, Undergraduate study/ Psychology Major

1974 ~ University of Florida, Gainesville Florida, Graduated with Honors, BA Psychology

1976 - 1977 ~ M. Ed.,Virginia Commonwealth University

1981 - 1986 Licensed General Contractor, State of Virginia

1989 - Present ~ Licensed General Contractor, State of California

1988 - 1990 ~ Independent Studies, Feng Shui research

1990 - Present ~ Introductory and Advanced Feng Shui Study with Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun

1991- Present ~ Member National Electromagnetic Field Testing Association (NEFTA)

1993- Present ~ Certified Interior Designer # 0965, State of California

Teaching Experience

1990 - Present ~ Instructor for presentations, classes and workshops including:

  1. Lectures and slide presentations for groups and conferences

  2. Feng Shui: Theory and Practice, beginning and intermediate

  3. Advanced Feng Shui

  4. Feng Shui for Practitioners, levels one and two

  5. Commercial Feng Shui

  6. Practitioner Mentoring Program

  7. 1991 - 2003: Monthly classes in Introductory and Advanced Feng Shui for The Learning Annex, San Francisco, California.

Articles, Videos and Publications

April 1991 Feng Shui: You Can Design For Prosperity, New Millennium Newsletter, North Carolina

February 1991 Napa Valley Feng Shui Symposium, Yun Lin Temple News, Berkeley, California

Spring 1994 Developing a Feng Shui Perspective, Catalist Magazine,San Francisco, California

Spring 1993 Feng Shui: The Ancient Chinese Art of Placement (Video Cassette produced by The Learning Annex)

Fall 1995 Advanced Feng Shui Techniques for the Home and Office (Video Cassette produced by The Learning Annex)

1995 - 1998 Editor in Chief of Feng Shui Journal

April 1999 The American Way (BTB Feng Shui), Feng Shui for Modern Living, London England

Grand Master Lin Yun with Seann Xenja