Placement Dynamics


Placement Dynamics

Placement dynamics makes Feng Shui easy to learn and practice. The key to starting and moving quickly with Feng Shui concepts, principles, and techniques, Placement Dynamics lets you experience and understand the interaction of people and places at the most fundamental level possible.

An integral part of all Seann Xenja's presentations, classes, and trainings, Placement Dynamics evolved from Seann's ch'i flow drawing exercises to become a comprehensive, easy to learn system. It enables clients, students, and practitioners to perceive and interact with the energetic components of living and work environments with ease and insight, and the ability to determine the most effective ways to achieve maximum results.

Diagnosis and Analysis with Placement Dynamics is based on the connection between:

  1. Who you are (subjective/psychological component)

  2. Where you are (3 dimensions)

  3. Your Life Experience through time (4th dimension)

And uses the latest scientific findings regarding:

Human Spatial Awareness and Orientation

Mind/Body/Space Connection

Levels of Spatial Experience

The 5 Aspects of Dynamic Energy (Ch'i)

  1. Source

  2. Quality

  3. Location

  4. Movement

  5. Effect

The Dynamic Characteristics of People/Rooms/Building/Site

As Containers for Dynamic Energy

  1. Relative Position

  2. Balance/Symmetry/Integrity

  3. Psychological response and conditioning

  4. Integration with Life Experience/Goals/Objectives

And very specific ways for Improving, Solving, and Transforming locations using

  1. Dynamic Energy Techniques

  2. Mind/Body/Space Methods

All while using exercises, graphics, and real life examples to derive the original source and intent for the Ba-Gua, Five Element Theory, Feng Shui principles, cures, and techniques.